What is a “SEPTA?” – A SEPTA is a group of parents, caregivers, and professionals with a tie to children with special needs, and others who want to learn more about children with special needs. This organization falls under the umbrella of the Ithaca Parent Teacher Association, and many members belong to their local PTA as well as the SEPTA.

Why was the SEPTA formed? – There are three primary purposes for the SEPTA: (1) to educate ourselves about special needs issues, including such topics as Hypotonia, Speech Language Disorders, Apraxia, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delays, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, APD, Autistic Tendencies, PDD (Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Rett Syndrome Childhood Disintegrative Disorder), ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, Executive Dysfunction, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, etc.; (2) to create a support system for caregivers of children with special needs; and (3) to advocate for disability issues.


Our officers

Officers 2019-20

President: Alison Fromme
Co-President: Kebbeh Gold
Vice-President: Aimee Bacon
Secretary: Mike Matsuda
Treasurer: Connie Lew

Officers 2018-19

Co-Presidents: Celeste Ptak and Kathryn Griffiths
Vice-President: Rachel Brill
Secretary: Judy Morita
Treasurer: Connie Lew

Officers 2017-18

President: Stacey Caskey
Secretary: Lauren Loiacono
Treasurer: Celeste Ptak

Officers 2016-17

President: Douglas Long
Vice-President: Amy Jo DeKoeyer
Secretary: Victoria Flavin
Treasurer: Kathryn Griffiths

Officers 2015-16

Co-Presidents: Douglas Long and Lauren Loiacono
Secretary: Victoria Flavin
Treasurer: Kathryn Griffiths

Officers 2014-15

Co-Presidents: Victoria Flavin and Lauren Loiacono
Secretary: Douglas Long
Treasurer: Tamiko Toland

Officers 2013-14

Co-Presidents:  Ruth Mahr and Nancy Saltzman
Treasurer:  Victoria Flavin

Our bylaws

Current bylaws: download